#BlackMagicMondays | Meet Joy Monet Kajogbola!

We are beyond excited to launch a new series called #BlackMagicMondays, where we will be featuring inspiring Black professionals who demonstrate and embody the essence of #blackprofessionalmagic in their lives everyday! While one of the key purposes of this blog is to provide critical insight and into the systems and institutions that we all engage within everyday, another important purpose is to elevate the authentic stories, perspectives, voices and accomplishments of Black professionals, to continue to show the world how magical and powerful we are.

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to today’s #BlackMagicMondays feature, Joy Monet Kajogbola!

Who is Joy Monet?

Joy Monet (yes, a double name!) resides in Durham, North Carolina and works in Campus Ministry at her church, The Summit. There, she spends her days on the campus of Duke University, building community and engaging college students by sharing the gospel of Christ. Joy Monet has experience planning conferences and retreats, leading small groups, and executing digital and traditional media campaigns, among a pallet of other skills and interests. Joy Monet’s name perfectly suits her as she fills every room and space she enters with unrelenting grace and joy on a daily basis.

How does Joy Monet embody #BlackProfessionalMagic?

Joy Monet embodies #BlackProfessionalMagic by encouraging and supporting other Black professionals as they develop and perfect their crafts. Her last name ‘Kajogbola’ means “share your wealth,” and she seeks to share her wealth of knowledge with others by connecting them with resources and people who can help them achieve their goals. If she sees envy or bitterness rearing their ugly heads in her heart, she quickly roots them out. Joy Monet lives by the mantra “Comparison is the thief of joy,” which helps her to focus on seeking to become the best Joy Monet possible, and not a knockoff of someone else. Everyday, she’s learning more and more about how to embrace being a Jesus-loving, Nigerian-American woman, and to be completely unapologetic about it!

Joy Monet is truly one of those individuals that it is a privilege to know. Not only has she been an inspiration and true supporter of this blog since it was just an idea, she is loving friend, fiance, daughter, big sister, and beautiful example of a Godly woman. Thank you for sharing some of your story with us, Joy Monet!

If you (or someone you know!) is interested in being featured on #BlackMagicMondays, here’s how to do it!

  1. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram!
  2. Send us a DM (direct message) with your favorite photo of yourself, along with a brief description of who you are (name/city/occupation) and how you feel you embody #BlackProfessionalMagic
  3. Continue to use the hashtag #BlackProfessionalMagic so we can keep up with you!

Cheers to continue to build a thriving, supportive, and magical community of Black professionals. See you next Monday!





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