Becoming a Boss at 23 | Meet Rae Burgess, Founder of Professional Motives

Happy #BlackMagicMonday! Meet Rae Burgess, entrepreneur, public speaker, event planner, and strategist. At only 23, Rae has started and led multiple successful businesses, mentored Black women who are interested in starting their own businesses, and continues to redefine and challenge her personal bar for success.

Who is Rae Burgess?

Rae Burgess is an alumnus of North Carolina Central University, holding a bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration management. During her time at Central, she established many small business ventures–most of them pertaining to wholesaling and retailing high demand products such as electronics, clothing, and home goods to her college peers. During undergrad, she founded Professional Motives, a business development and management company that provides consultative brainstorming techniques, strategic planning, and business analytics to start-ups. Over the course of her college career, she continued to expand Professional Motives and build her client base, and now operates the business full time as the Managing Director. She recently launched Queens & Cocktails, a social organization that helps her clients expand their networks and bring their ideas to life.

BPM: What do you love most about your blackness?

Rae: What I love most about my blackness is that although we, as African Americans, come from a long history of cultural adversity and hardships, we are able to persevere, no matter the circumstances. Being surround by my people that are trying to do great things both personally and professionally is what makes me proud of my blackness. Understanding that each day I step outside of my house I am apart of something greater, make me cherish my blackness.

BPM: What does Black Professional Magic mean to you?

Rae: Black Professional Magic means that I am contributing to the growth of Black-owned Businesses, while encouraging more of our people to turn their skills and talents into a professional career and/or business. Although we have our own agendas, when we are on one accord, we make magic happen. I created Queens & Cocktails because during our social mixers, Black professionals have the opportunity to make connections with people that represent a variety of specialties and interests.  I am a firm believer that we have all of the necessary resources to make things happen, but it is important that we put our selves in the right places to tap into those resources so we can bring them back to our people and into our communities. This is exactly what Black Professional Magic is!

/// Have an idea and are looking to develop it further? Rae is a perfect person to connect with. If you’re interested in being featured on an upcoming #BlackMagicMonday, drop us a line below!


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