Living Into our Legacy of Self-Love through Community Organizing | Meet Courtney Parker West

Happy #BlackMagicMonday, Kings & Queens! This week, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a woman who inspires me, challenges me, and is a true agent for social and racial justice in our country. Courtney Parker West is a community organizer, teacher leadership coach, writer, consultant, and aspiring connoisseur of moderately priced wines. She is interested in issues pertaining to race, identity, power, how our narratives shape the impact we leave in the world. She is black, Meskwaki, and Jewish and draws strength from the fortitude and legacy of her ancestors. Parker West lives with her husband, a fellow community organizer, public school educator, and womanist, in Raleigh, NC.

Courtney defines Black Professional Magic as living into our legacy of self-love, excellence, and community connection in all spaces. It means being unapologetically Black & beautiful, celebrating the diversity of experiences and perspectives the make up blackness, and not checking our identity at the door of our work places.

Make sure you check out Courtney’s latest article on Being Black, Brown and Jewish in 2016, where she discusses the intersections of her identities, her pain, her privilege, and the power of the collective.

And so I continue to reflect, to organize, to educate, to lead, and to listen. I will continue to resist oppression through claiming my power, my liberation, my body, and my peace. I may not be whole yet, but I am healing. Even as my heart is breaking, I know I am not broken, and while I may be nothing but dust and ash, it was for my delight that the universe was created. – Courtney Parker West

Courtney with her fellow Jews of Color leaders and funders at Leichtag Foundation. The Leichtag Foundation honors the legacy of Lee and Toni Leichtag through igniting and inspiring vibrant Jewish life, advancing self-sufficiency and stimulating social entrepreneurship in coastal North San Diego County and Jerusalem.

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