Hello, and welcome to Black Professional Magic! This is a blog that explores the intricacies of our Black identities; that acknowledges the challenges of navigating majority-dominated sectors; that promotes and celebrates the brilliance of Black-owned creations and ideas; and that captures the small and large moments of everyday life.

Being a young professional is an unique season in life that is characterized by change, first-time experiences, identity exploration, and crucial challenges. Being a young black professional, however, adds additional, complex layers that are most times left out of mainstream rhetoric, but will be the point of focus here. From navigating the intersection of race and socioeconomic status to revealing the impact of structural racism in our daily lives, this blog will critically explore topics that are unique to the Black experience from the perspectives of work, life and self.

Our stories, challenges and victories should not be invisible and our narratives should not be “othered.” We are a unique demographic comprised of passionate creators, organizers, entrepreneurs, and change-agents. We are the descendants of slaves and daughters and sons of Civil Rights leaders; we are the voices that are disrupting the injustices that have systematically displaced our communities for centuries; we are Black, we are magical, and we are a force to be reckoned with.

So if you are Black and reading this blog, this is a safe space to just be Black, to be celebrated, and to be acknowledged. This is a place for your voice to be elevated without being accused that it’s too loud. This is a place for you to be the majority and the status quo without being accused of taking up too much space.

If you are not Black and reading this blog, this is a place for you to learn and to be humble. This is a place for you to acknowledge our greatness and our magic. This is a place for you to be an ally in our movement, to challenge your norms, and to discover an alternate but equal reality.

Thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy the ride.