How + Why I Created My Own Planner



Over the last several years since graduating from college and “finding myself” in my career, so to speak, the skills I’ve developed and excelled in at work have quietly transferred into my personal life after taking the time to analyze and address the lack of consistency between my two worlds.

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5 Healthy Approaches to Addressing Your Personal Challenges


We all have them, don’t we? Some of us are too stubborn. Some of us struggle with time management. Some of us need to work on our finances. Some of us are too reactive. Some of us are too passive. Some of us are too people pleasing. Some of us are too self involved. Some of us are inconsistent. Some of us have a short fuse. Some of us are impatient. Some of us are overbearing. Some of us complain too much. Some of us take things too personally. We all have habits, mindsets, and behaviors that we struggle with and need to address. It’s called being human. Continue reading “5 Healthy Approaches to Addressing Your Personal Challenges”

5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself as You Reflect on Your Year


Depending on the type of year you’ve had, it can be challenging to engage in deep reflection on what has transpired in your life over the last 365 days. There have been years where my lows have definitely outnumbered my highs, and all I’ve wanted to do was close the door on that year and forge ahead. During these stormy seasons, the last thing I wanted to was sit down and think about why things unfolded the way that they did. And then, there are years (like this one, for me!) where you genuinely feel like you’re soaring. You’ve got a handle on things, you’re in love with yourself and your life, and you now have peace about the dark and stormy seasons you’ve gone through, because you are experiencing the growth and prosperity that they propelled you into. Things are going so well for you that you honestly don’t feel the need to spend time reflecting; you just hope and pray that life continues to hand you lemons as you enter the new year. Continue reading “5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself as You Reflect on Your Year”

5 Challenges of Adulthood You Wish Someone Would’ve Warned You About


In a few months, I’ll be turning 26. By this spring, I’ll have spent the same amount of time outside of college as I spent in it. I’ll be over halfway through my 20’s, officially entering that bracket of ‘4-5 years experience’ for the jobs I’ve had my eye on since I was 22, and working on the final preparations for my wedding. When you put it that way, I sound like I’m well into my adulthood, comfortably settled with job and life experience in tow, feeling ready to conquer the world everyday. Right?


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10 Reasonable Lifestyle Changes to Make in 2017


Does anybody remember when Jennifer Hudson was the face of Weight Watchers’ campaign back in 2010? I remember watching her belt it out in those commercials, strutting her 80-pound weight loss all over the screen, looking fabulous and full of life. But more importantly, I remember her talking about the key difference between Weight Watchers and other weight loss programs. Unlike other programs, Weight Watchers isn’t a crash diet or a quick fix; instead, it’s a slow, ongoing commitment that leads to a distinct shift in the way people approach eating. It’s not about finding a short cut to weight loss–it’s about identifying a healthy and sustainable way to live your life.

Well. New Year’s Resolutions are to crash diets like Lifestyle Changes are to Weight Watchers.

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Getting Your Goals Back on Track After Taking an Unplanned Hiatus


‘Tis the season for reflecting on all the things you said you wanted to accomplish in 2016, but somehow never got around to. ‘Tis the season for fondly remembering that period of time halfway through the year when you actually were going to the gym on a regular basis and following your Paleo diet, but can’t seem to recall how you fell off the boat. Continue reading “Getting Your Goals Back on Track After Taking an Unplanned Hiatus”

Processing the End of a ‘Post-Racial’ Era of Political Correctness


This week, my mind has been tracing back to these distinct moments in my elementary and middle school social studies classes growing up. I remember when we first learned about slavery, the Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement. I remember thinking that I couldn’t imagine being alive during a period of such racial turmoil and hatred toward people of color. I couldn’t fathom the physical strength and mental resilience that it took my ancestors to endure such dangerous and toxic conditions day in and day out, constantly living in a state of fear and uneasiness, knowing that there was no system to protect your basic human rights because the only system that was in place was created to abuse and oppress you. After that thought is done, my mind traces back to these moments of shock and horror as a little girl, listening to my mother tell me about the America that she grew up in, and the America that her parents grew up in.  I remember her rubbing my back gently and reminding me that things aren’t like they used to be, baby. Things are much better now. 

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