How + Why I Created My Own Planner



Over the last several years since graduating from college and “finding myself” in my career, so to speak, the skills I’ve developed and excelled in at work have quietly transferred into my personal life after taking the time to analyze and address the lack of consistency between my two worlds.

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Dear White Friends, ‘Not Being Racist’ Isn’t Enough.

I am exhausted. Exhausted from seeing the final, tragic moments of my brothers’ and sisters’ lives plastered across TV screens and computer monitors around the country. Exhausted from living in a country where Black people are seen and treated as the dangerous and provoking enemy despite being on the receiving end of centuries-long genocide and murder at the hands of white people. Exhausted from having to explain to my white friends and colleagues why I seem to “always be talking about race.” Exhausted from carrying the burden of systemic racism on my back, knowing that it will rear its ugly head at some point in my day. Exhausted from the incessant reminders that Black lives should be feared and ended, rather than valued and understood. Exhausted from seeing white people go on about their merry lives while I struggle to feel safe in my skin. Exhausted from living within the confines of an inherently racist country, knowing that there are limitations to my freedom. Exhausted from having to explain why my life matters.

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5 Key Mindsets to Enhance Self-Love


Self-love isn’t easy. Similarly to loving someone else, it takes time to truly understand the ins and outs of someone–even if that someone is you. So often, in our fast-paced society of over-involvement, we neglect to spend time with the one person who is guaranteed to be with you every day of your life–you. We pour energy into our jobs, our friends, our significant others, our parents, our siblings, our pets, but we forget about ourselves. We become consumed by what others think of us and how we are being perceived. As Black people, this is compounded by society’s mis-characterization of us–we are often portrayed as unruly, abrasive, and unlovable. Self-love takes time, dedication, and a willingness to experience discomfort. Here are a few critical mindsets to adopt to enhance your journey:

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3 Ways to Work on Professional Development Outside of Work


Growing up Black in America, I commonly heard the phrase “we have to work twice as hard to get half as much.” When you’re Black in the workforce, you learn that there is a higher probability that your merit will be questioned, that the behind-the-scenes deals that quickly promote your white counterparts won’t apply to you, and that your voice won’t command the same level of attention or respect. You’ll also learn that calling attention to these micro-aggressions may put you at risk of being the over-animated, race baiting Black person who “just can’t let the whole race thing go.”

While it is vital to understand the landscape that you’re operating in, I believe in focusing on controlling the controllables. I unfortunately cannot solve workplace inequity in one day (though I would definitely do so if I could), but I can provide you with a few tips to more intentionally manage your professional development to maximize your potential and impact.

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