3 “Normal” Workplace Occurrences that are Actually Micro-Aggressions


I never understood what was meant by the old adage “ignorance is bliss” until I really began studying racial equity work. There are so many regular occurrences that I’d written off as “normal” for years–and it wasn’t until I really began carving out dedicated time to understand institutional racism and the intricate, lethal beast that it is, that I realized I had no idea I was interacting with racism everyday. So, I guess that’s what’s blissful about not being aware. You don’t see anything wrong the status quo; you don’t read between the lines or feel the system working against you–you simply accept things for what they are, not even realizing they could be different.

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3 Ways to Work on Professional Development Outside of Work


Growing up Black in America, I commonly heard the phrase “we have to work twice as hard to get half as much.” When you’re Black in the workforce, you learn that there is a higher probability that your merit will be questioned, that the behind-the-scenes deals that quickly promote your white counterparts won’t apply to you, and that your voice won’t command the same level of attention or respect. You’ll also learn that calling attention to these micro-aggressions may put you at risk of being the over-animated, race baiting Black person who “just can’t let the whole race thing go.”

While it is vital to understand the landscape that you’re operating in, I believe in focusing on controlling the controllables. I unfortunately cannot solve workplace inequity in one day (though I would definitely do so if I could), but I can provide you with a few tips to more intentionally manage your professional development to maximize your potential and impact.

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