How + Why I Created My Own Planner



Over the last several years since graduating from college and “finding myself” in my career, so to speak, the skills I’ve developed and excelled in at work have quietly transferred into my personal life after taking the time to analyze and address the lack of consistency between my two worlds.

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5 Healthy Approaches to Addressing Your Personal Challenges


We all have them, don’t we? Some of us are too stubborn. Some of us struggle with time management. Some of us need to work on our finances. Some of us are too reactive. Some of us are too passive. Some of us are too people pleasing. Some of us are too self involved. Some of us are inconsistent. Some of us have a short fuse. Some of us are impatient. Some of us are overbearing. Some of us complain too much. Some of us take things too personally. We all have habits, mindsets, and behaviors that we struggle with and need to address. It’s called being human. Continue reading “5 Healthy Approaches to Addressing Your Personal Challenges”